When it comes to personal computing, every individual would have own personal interests plus opinions on its speed and performance.

Buying a laptop or an in-built PC would let tasks get done somehow, but what each and every techie craves for is satisfaction- what he or she feels as an innovative computing experience. For achieving this, one has to go with assembling-building own PC.

Assembled PC can perform better

Assembling own desktop opens a whole lot of opportunities. You can select the processor of desired performance and technology. You can decide over the size of memory too. If you are building a PC for personal use, optimum RAM capacity is enough. Well, if you have to involve in activities that require high visual support and functionality like computer games, a graphics card should be added to the assembly. The size of the graphics card has to be selected in proportion with the capacity of RAM.

Assembling is economically feasible

When we purchase an inbuilt PC model from a particular brand, the system would cover your speed specification but might lack in hard disk storage capacity. User has to abide by whatever that comes at that fixed price. Assembling allows you to purchase individual components of your desktop at various low prices. So, within the bounds of your overall budget, a desktop with your specifications can be realized.

How to build your own PC desktop:

First of all, a user should have a clear picture on the components required to assemble a desktop. Those are:

  • Motherboard- processor
  • Memory - RAM
  • Hard Disk
  • SMPS
  • Graphic Card(optional)
  • Monitor- LCD display is widely used now
  • Keyboard & Mouse

Now, you have to find an online shop to get all of these at affordable prices.

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