Every option to save a penny matter - especially if you plan to launch your business within a shoestring budget. An important element each startup must have is a good infrastructure where Information Technology plays the hero. A lot of worries impede entrepreneurs during the bulk purchase of computers and laptops for new business.

Here we throw some light on advantages of Refurbished PCs that saves your money and time.

Refurbished computers are no less to brand new ones

Refurbished systems are side-lined by many users and the term ‘second-hand’ itself is of little appeal to many. But what really happened inside refurbished systems and how reliable are they now is a big question.

It’s true that the refurbished system had undergone repair. But, we literally omit or fail to consider are the details that point to what has been done during the repair. Seldom will be known to us about the components that are replaced or repaired. Even a simple replacement of a fuse, which is a less significant repair, can downgrade a fully functional computer to the status of refurbished!

This is the dilemma, without solid information we neglect refurbished systems and consider it less efficient.

Refurbished PC can also be repaired at little cost

“Cost for repairing refurbished computers will be more or less the same as buying a new PC”

Here we are about to break this non-sense, base-less myth that circumvents refurbished computers.

These questions are the antidote for this misconception:

  • How assured are we on brand new systems?
  • Are these systems totally free of complaint for lifetime?

Well, there exist chances that a refurbished PC can outperform the same freshly purchased model in the long run. And, there exist plenty of ways to repair refurbished systems always, identical to the privileges for fresh PCs. If the complaint is the same, the steps of repair are the same in both scenarios and thus will be the cost- equal.

So a second-hand PC is equally efficient and reliable, but choosing the right set of refurbished computers for your company is crucial.

How to choose the right refurbished computers for your business:

Connect with the right supplier of second-hand computers and select the desired models as per your budget. Criteria for choosing the right shop is primarily based on quality, secondly on the stock of models available, and finally on affordability. Out of these three parameters, quality should be the main area of focus.

Quality matter- so test and assure it always

Finding a shop- obviously, an online shop to purchase refurbished computers is hard. We are unaware of the defect these systems had and little valid information is available on its complete functionality.

The best way to compare and assure performance of refurbished systems with a new PC is technical testing- an organized step by step testing procedure to assure full functionality.

JSM Computers have implemented a testing format that covers almost all future concerns of possible system failures. Every refurbished PC that is lined up for sales on the website had passed this thorough testing.

Here are some highlights of Testing:

  • Each and every refurbished PC undergoes a set of vigorous diagnostic tests. When it comes to component level testing, these had to prove and pass out through tests that last for an hour each! This assures that every customer un-box functional PCs and parts on delivery.
  • Each PC is tested by multiple experts and professionals- this ensures that you get your PC in a perfectly functional state
  • Vinyl skin will be layered to computer’s exteriors. This elicits a fresh ‘look and feel’ as well as protects your PC from minor wear and tear.
  • Each PC model is professionally packed and is made available to the customer in a new box with custom made foam.
  • In every PC model, genuine or licensed version of Windows operating system will be installed. The user just has to turn on the PC and follow the simple final steps.
  • All accessories provided with refurbished PC models are new ones.

To achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction, JSM provides 90 days warranty on refurbished PCs! Feel free to share your questions and needs on refurbished PCs at Sales@JSMcomputers.com. or please call us- tel: 405241-8300